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Miss Lyn Duck Down / Feather 13:87 Duvet Inners White Regular Weight - 100% Cotton Downproof Click image to enlarge

Miss Lyn Duck Down / Feather 13:87 Duvet Inners
White Regular Weight - 100% Cotton Downproof

Manufactured from only the best selection of half, three quarter and fine duck down, this duvet is designed for the South African climate. While full down duvets are expensive and are best suited to snowy climates, this duvet gives the best balance for South Africa’s autumn, winter and spring.

In order to stop the filling escaping, our duvets are encased in pure cotton down proof fabric with a thread count of 233. By box stitching the duvet, we ensure that the filling does not shift as can be the case with channel stitching.

Although called feather, three quarter and half down have a very soft shaft. Because of its flatness, it helps reduce the insulating power of the duvet to a non-snowy climate. If you scrunch the duvet in your hand, you will not feel the spines of cheaper feathers.

This duvet comes in regular weight and extra thick versions. The regular weight version is filled with 250 grams of filling per square meter while the extra thick is filled with 350 grams of filling per square meter.

A pure cotton storage back is included for storage during the summer months so that the duvet can breathe and prevent damp.

Our duvet tog ratings are as follows for comparative purposes:
  • Summer cotton – 4 tog
  • Duck feather and down, regular weight – 10 tog
  • Duck feather and down, extra thick – 13 tog
  • Micro fiber – 13 tog
  • All seasons (2 duvets clipped together) – 4 tog & 10 tog giving 14 tog

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